Digital Passage Plan

Digital Passage Plan

Brisbane Marine Pilots (BMP) is using the latest digital software and computer technologies to improve communications on the bridge. In modern shipping, many bridge teams have a multinational make-up and clear communication becomes vitally important.

Different pilots have different communication styles and skills. BMP has recognised this as a factor that needs to be taken into account in their Safety Management System and has developed a tool to reduce the risk of misunderstanding and improve the dialogue with the bridge team. The Digital Passage Plan, an in-house developed software application, is designed to enhance and standardise the information exchange process. The DPP uses the latest digital software, aerial photography, still images and animations. It allows the pilot to describe to the bridge team, in a standard manner and style, the critical parts of the planned berth approach.

The DPP was formulated with a focus on ensuring that the message given by each pilot to the bridge team is consistent, unambiguous and easy to understand. The application uses photographic visual cues of the berth, swing basins, fenders and bollards. A feature of the application is the generic swing diagrams scaled to the size of the vessel to demonstrate the intended berthing manoeuvre. For first time callers at the port, the application includes a three-minute high speed video to illustrate a 'helicopter fly-by view' of the inbound pilotage.

The video includes insets highlighting the most significant navigation points such as courses for each reach of the Brisbane River. The collective knowledge of pilots with many years experience is incorporated into the package and made available as a training aid for new pilots.

BMP's Digital Passage Plan is another world first.