Brisbane Marine Pilots (BMP) recognises that its future lies in its ability to provide the Port of Brisbane and its stakeholders with a pilot service of the highest quality. It understands that this can only be achieved through continuous learning. Scanning the world's port pilotage environment and latest business management systems for inspiration will ensure BMP maintains its position amongst world leading pilotage services.

New Technology

The technology that has become available to pilots is radically transforming the nature of marine pilotage. Over the past few decades, ships have become larger and carry much greater volumes of cargo. The margins for error have become minuscule. Developing skill levels in utilising these new technologies, and the requirement for high levels of training to keep abreast of the evolution of even newer technologies are integral to the pilot's role. Technologies such as ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display and Information System), DPP (Digital Passage Plan), Electronic Passage Planning and Navigation Aids are just a few of the technological aids that are now becoming crucial to managing the ever increasing risk.

Education and Training

The development and training of new pilots is critical to BMP's future. The expertise required to fulfil our charter is becoming increasingly rare. A pilot must have a unique mixture of skill and knowledge, both of which require time and practice to acquire. Just as important, if not more so, is the development of the levels of cooperation, communication, understanding and management of the interaction of all those persons involved in the pilotage - the so-called human factors. BMP has developed a comprehensive training program that will take a pilot through his career from induction to retirement.

No expense is spared in ensuring that all BMP pilots retain their knowledge and skills and perform at the highest levels throughout their career.