Pilot Boarding Requirements

Pilot Boarding Requirements

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Pilot Boarding Ground

The Pilot Boarding ground is situated three nautical miles South East of Point Cartwright Latitude 26°43'S, Longitude 153°10.5'E.

Vessels should contact "Brisbane Harbour" 2 hours prior to arrival on VHF Channel 16.

Pilots may embark or disembark in other areas by special arrangement, or when required to do so by the Harbour Master.

Pilot Boarding
  • Brisbane pilot launches have yellow hulls with white housing and are fitted with AIS.
  • Launches operate from Mooloolaba.
  • Boarding course and speed will be advised on VHF 12. Boarding speed generally 7 knots.
  • Pilot ladders should be rigged as per IMO standards, 2m above the water.
IMO Requirements

Moreton Bay

A launch service also operates in Moreton Bay, servicing Moreton Bay anchorages. The launch operates from Whyte Island at the Port of Brisbane.