Safety And Environment


Safety is paramount in everything we do. The movement of ships through the Port of Brisbane requires careful consideration of safety for employees, vessels and crew, port stakeholders and the wider community. Today's marine pilot is in control of ships of ever increasing size. The pilotage environment has become much more complex and hazardous in a society that has near zero tolerance for error, or for accidents involving human casualties and marine pollution.

The role of a pilot has become one of managing risk in a highly dynamic environment. It requires time-critical decisions utilising all available resources and technology. Their responsibility is to manage hundreds of millions of dollars worth of ship and cargo while it is in transit in our waters and to ensure that the risk of a maritime or environmental disaster is kept to a minimum. Brisbane Marine Pilots has developed a comprehensive Safety Management System based on the latest thinking and research in error management and risk reduction. This too is a world first, and ensures that pilotage in our port is undertaken with safety as its highest priority.

Our Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's) are aimed at risk minimisation and are continually reviewed and improved. Risk event reporting, workplace inspections, internal and external audits, are all part of continually improving our SOP's.


Brisbane Marine Pilots (BMP) recognises the importance of the environment to society. The company has made substantial efforts to continually improve its environmental management and to minimise the risks of environmental pollution.

Our efforts in developing our Environmental Management System, have secured us certification to the ISO Standard AS/NZ ISO 14001:2004.

Our management system ensures an enhanced level of risk management, with a requirement to continually improve performance into the future.